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Company Status | Bequeen Spoons

Hello to the few people currently reading this blog! And Welcome!

This is the official blog, Silver Spoon, for Bequeen Spoons.

We make quenelle spoons for professional chefs. 2016-03-07 02.05.18

We wanted to give you an update on how our progress is going as we are a new and growing company. We want our fans to be up to date on what’s happening.

A few weeks back we received a prototype of our spoon. After testing it in a NY restaurant kitchen we decided it needed a few small adjustments. Our CAD (Computer Aided Design) designer Christopher Albright is currently DSC_0104working on making those changes.

We are in the process of procuring funding for our first order from our manufacturer. As some of you may know we ran a Kickstarter project  a while back in the hopes of crowdfunding our project. That Kickstarter was unsuccessful. I believe we jumped the gun on that. We didn’t realize how hard and what it would entail to run a successful project. But you can only learn from your mistakes. We will post more info on what we should have done and why we failed in a later post.

If all goes according to plan we plan on selling Spoons towards the end of summer. We are working hard on trying to make that happen. If you’d like to keep in touch follow us here or any of our social media pages.